Farm Journal

The farm journal is a place to capture bits and pieces of our life and work that often gets missed or left behind in the general shuffle of daily routines and seasonal shifts. In agriculture, I am learning new things all the time and I appreciate the opportunity to share my reflections with you. Thanks for reading!

It’s July!

Well, I guess I knew this would happen. I was on a role there for awhile with Farm Journal posts and then summer happened. Once the milk starts flowing the days start flowing by, too. FAST! Since my last post, we have been in our normal (hectic) summer routine of milking, making cheese, and growing…

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Staying At Home-Part Two

At this point I am not sure how many parts this series will have, but I am excited to get back to a regular writing and posting schedule in the Farm Journal. I was going to call these posts “Lambing During A Pandemic,” but considering that social distancing and self-isolation practices could mark our entire…

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We’re Hiring!

Join our team for the 2020 season! We are looking for 2 Farmer’s Market Associates to help sell our cheese, herbs, and yarn! The season runs from May to October and our markets are Saturdays and Sundays. There are opportunities mid-week to help with field and farm work as well. Email for an application:

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Gratitude List

Yesterday, as we were getting ready for Thanksgiving, I asked the girls what was on their gratitude list. “What’s gwatitude?” June asked. “It is what you are thankful for,” I replied. “It is all the things in your life that you love and appreciate.” They both thought about it. To my delight, the first thing…

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Days Like These

We have had a blissful beginning to November. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been cold! However, this string of sunny, clear days has also been quite magical too. And the sunsets! I appreciate the clarity that November brings. For me the dark, shorter days are a chance to review and reflect. Take stock of what…

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It’s Fall!

As we shift into “official” fall, I am feeling grateful for a full summer. The Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival was last weekend and Dean and I had a great time! We are winding down our milk and cheese production right now and it’s bittersweet. The sheep will get a rest from milking for the winter…

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