Award-Winning Cheese!

Hi friends,

I know this blog has been neglected this season, but I am here to say it has been for good reason. We’ve been busy milking sheep and making cheese. After the lambs arrive in April, life always feels like a runaway train. However, despite price increases across the board and supply chain issues we have had a good summer season and our CSA, farmer’s market customer, and wholesale buyers have been so supportive as always.

We were also honored to win two American Cheese Society Awards for Fleecemaker and La Bertha. We hope to enter Sally’s and Ruth’s Best in future years, but we were thrilled to be acknowledged in this way.

While we treasure out customer’s support and praise the most, this was a very helpful sign that we are on the right track. That we are doing things right. That we are learning from our mistakes. We are small (a micro-dairy/farmstead creamery made out of a shipping container, really!), but we are making something unique and special by hand in a sustainable way and that is what good stewardship means to me right now.

We will keep you posted on our plans for our 6th creamery season. In the meantime, get good rest, be gentle and kind to yourself, and pay attention to the 2023 Farm Bill. I wrote a thing about it for The Seattle Times. Thanks for reading and eating cheese!!