Farm Journal

The farm journal is a place to capture bits and pieces of our life and work that often gets missed or left behind in the general shuffle of daily routines and seasonal shifts. In agriculture, I am learning new things all the time and I appreciate the opportunity to share my reflections with you. Thanks for reading!


Seven years ago today my Grandmother died. It was expected. She had been battling cancer for the past year and we knew it was a matter of time. Yet even though she was on hospice, she was still able to throw an amazing family reunion in the weeks before we lost her. It was our…

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My Summer Vacation

With the late spring arrival of our second daughter we decided to make this farming season a transition year. I was already overwhelmed with new ideas and projects for the farm and the thought of a new baby in the mix too was a lot! Thankfully, the pause in production allowed us the chance to take a summer vacation…

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Rain Brings Respite

The summer solstice & full moon are Monday and the 2016 growing season is well underway. This is our first summer “farming with a baby” and we are learning how to be good parents and reconfiguring how we get things done on the farm. Each farm season is an evolution. The first full rainbow I have seen in…

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Summer of Love

It’s really hot! I know that 85 degrees F is nothing to whine about in comparison to an average summer heat wave in other parts of the country, but it is hot for western Washington this time of year–and it has been been warm and sunny all spring. No “June-uary” to complain about, with its…

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Sheep Season

Happy Winter from Harmony Fields!  We have been enjoying some quiet and creative project time on the farm.  However, sheep season is upon us and we have to tend to our ewes.  Most of them are due to give birth over the next few weeks and we are watching and waiting with much anticipation.  It is…

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Thank you!

November has been a fast month, but activity on the farm has slowed down quite a bit just in time for the holidays. The swans are occupying the fields again and we experienced several hard frosts over the past few weeks.  This will be our last post until February 2015, so we can regroup and plan…

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