Mid-Summer Check-In

Hey there!

I am writing this post because it’s August on Thursday, which means that July is almost over, which means this season is flying by! It’s time to do a little check-in:

FAMILY: It’s been hectic here, but I appreciate working so close to home in the summertime. Our girls are now 4 and 2 and they are a hoot. Parenting isn’t always easy, but now that we are beyond the tiny, baby phase we are entering a new chapter as a family. We joke, we play, we argue, we laugh….a lot! They ‘sort of’ help with chores and are generally excited about time in the garden and with the animals, and being home in general. This is a good thing since we can’t really go too far away from the farm this time of year anyway.

CHEESE: I am grateful that our Sally’s Best and Fleecemaker are out in the world in so many places! Where have you picked up our cheese? We love seeing pictures of what you make with it! Over the past few weeks I have also been able to experiment with two other fresh cheeses–ricotta and queso fresco. Yum!! We offered these to our CSA customers and enjoyed them ourselves as well. There is nothing like fresh, grilled cheese, salad and corn on the cob for an easy, summer dinner. A friend passed along an amazing ricotta berry cake recipe. It was delicious, although in all honesty I ate most of the fresh ricotta before I could make anything with it!

HERBS: It’s PEAK herb season right now! All the herbs are on and I love having this variety around. There are so many medicinal and culinary uses for these wonderful allies–it is almost a bit overwhelming when they are all in season together. Today I took a moment to revel in (and smell) them all!

OFF-FARM: It is so hard to take a break this time of year, but I put aside my to-do list and took off for a nice swim & paddle board last weekend. It was a sweet little getaway and also cathartic. I needed some time with friends away from the farm and family life. I needed to paddle aimlessly in the hot sun. I needed to float on my back in the cool ripples of fresh water. I didn’t know how much I needed it until I actually got away. I am hoping for more rejuvenating moments like this in August! And the good news it that everything that needed to get done, got done!


Be well friends! Enjoy the bounty this time of year offers and also all of the opportunities to savor summer. We’ll be up at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market this Saturday so come and say hi!