Market Season!

Farmer’s market season is in full swing! If you can’t make it to one of our on-farm cheese shops, find us at a Saturday market! We will have our cheese, yarn, and herbs available. We have been in Bellingham a few Saturdays already and this will be our first season in Anacortes. I have loved both of these markets as a shopper for a long time. Now, I am excited to be a vendor.

My last market day reminded me of my trip to France last fall. The market culture in Paris is strong–people go to their neighborhood farmer’s market to shop for their meals and there is so much to buy from cheese to seafood to flour to veggies! The picture above is of one of the many cheese vendors and a reflection of me drooling over all the sheep cheese..tomme de brebis…yes please! I also met an interesting herb lady who had a whole booth of just herbs! Delicious!

I have found many dedicated market shoppers in our area too. The Bellingham and Anacortes markets really highlight the bounty of local food we have available. Come and shop and taste our cheese!