Heart of Summer!

Hello August! I am not quite sure where July went, but here we are in the heart of the summer! We have had a nice mixture of weather (hot, cold, wet, dry) in the Skagit Valley, so I can’t complain. And the evening skies have been incredible!

Our second cheese, Fleecemaker, is OUT and we LOVE it! This is a feta-style cheese that is super creamy and salty! We sell it in a brine because it helps keep the cheese flavorful and fresh for longer.

Fleecemaker (feta-style) and Sally’s Best (soft, spreadable)

I was delighted that another season of the Great British Baking Show started in late June. Every Friday night at nine, after chores are done and babies and ewes and lambs are in bed, I turn it on and cozy up on the couch. I love seeing all the creativity in each bake, but more importantly I appreciate people doing their best. In some cases they succeed and more often than not the end result is a flop (literally in the case of that creme caramel ;)!

As we test out new recipes and get our cheese out into the world, I am balancing small successes with many failures. Starting this creamery is full of trial and error which can be tiring, but also SO exciting. It’s happening, finally! I am proud of what we have accomplished so far this season. It took all our might to get the milking parlor, milk house and creamery up and running this season, but we did it!

We started out small this year since we have a lot to learn, but we are already making plans to ramp up for 2019. We are also doing a shorter milking season, so we have time to fine-tune some things over the winter.

Right now our two cheeses are available at our two farmers markets. Below are a list of dates we will be there this month, so you can come by and try some cheese!

EDISON FARMERS MARKET (Sundays 10-3): August 12, 19, 26

FAIRHAVEN FARMERS MARKET (Wednesdays 3-7): August 15, 22, 29

Come by and say hi! We appreciate your support in this new phase of the farm.